Military exercise causes strange sighting in the sky

(Source: Facebook User Tanya Weigold)

We now know what caused those strange lights on Saturday night in Lexington, South Carolina.

A number of Midlands residents, especially in the Lexington area, contacted WACH FOX News on Saturday night, saying they saw at least 10-15 planes flying at a low altitude.

Midlands residents are not alone as people from all over the country shared posts on social media claiming to see the same thing. Reports have come from places like Colorado, Missouri, and Montana.

On Sunday, Twitter user Aircraft Spots provided a potential answer for the sightings--a military exercise.

According to their bio, Aircraft Spots tracks military air movements.

Marvin Krause, who works in Media Operations at Joint Base Charleston, confirmed on Sunday morning that a military exercise did take place; multiple C-17s from the 437th Airlift Wing departed from Charleston around 7 p.m. They flew to Nellis Air Force Base, causing people in numerous states to question the lights in the sky.

It was part of a routine Joint Forcible Entry mission, according to Krause. Multiple bases were involved in the exercise, which Krause said is a "capstone event for students at the U.S. Air Force Weapons School located at" Nellis AFB.

The planes returned to Charleston on Sunday morning around 6 a.m.

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