Parents say 'Peppa Pig' is giving their kids British accents

    (Photo: Peppa Pig / YouTube via MGN)

    AUSTIN, Texas (CBS Austin) - Some parents outside the United Kingdom are claiming their toddler's are developing British accents after watching a children's TV show.

    "Peppa Pig" is allegedly shaping the speech patterns of non-British children to sounds as if they've spent some time in England.

    People magazine reports that parents all over social media have begun bonding over what they’re describing as the “#PeppaEffect.”

    I just read an article about American Parents saying that their children are developing a British accent because they’re watching Peppa Pig. I just have to say that it’s true. J still has her accent sometimes with certain words & I honestly love it. Lol. #PeppaEffect

    It's so true this #PeppaEffect
    I have trying to teach my daughter hindi. She is 4yrs old.
    But she still is not able to make sentences in hindi but can speak English very well in British accent.

    A Dartmouth College language director tells Romper that this mimicry of Peppa's accent is perfectly normal, and it all boils down to how much they are being exposed to it.

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