Reno strip club owner furious over efforts to ban "touching" and "direct tipping"


In a Reno city council meeting Wednesday, the council directed staff to move forward on code enforcement recommendations for strip clubs in the area.

Those recommendations include a ban on "touching" and "direct tipping"

News 4 spoke to a dancer from the Spice House who did not want her identity to be revealed. Here's what "Alice" she said in response to the proposed recommendations.

She also had a strong message for council about the proposed "no direct tipping" ban:

The recommendations also look to strengthen video surveillance at strip clubs and adult businesses, as well as requiring visibility of all semi-private rooms used for private performances. "Alice" said there is plenty of visibility already.

The owner of Keshmiri Entertainment, Kamy Keshmiri, said that he is strongly against what the City of Reno is trying to do. He said that litigation is inevitable.

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