Tree crashes into room with man sleeping inside

One of the closest calls Newcomb Tree Service workers responded to was a house with a home recording studio in the back. A man was sleeping in the studio when a tree came crashing through the roof early Tuesday morning. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

In Irma's aftermath, Newcomb Tree Service workers said they've been busy.

"We’ve probably taken 20 off houses," Pat Newcomb said, adding that there are many on cars, as well.

One of the closest calls they responded to, though, was an Asheville house with a home recording studio in the back.

Susan Ross said they had a friend sleeping in their studio when the storm picked up about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.

"Our friends was in there. He was crawling out the window. He couldn’t get out the door," Ross explained. "The ceiling and the roof came down. He had just gotten off the bed or he wouldn’t have survived."

Matt Adams described the experience of being in the room when the tree came smashing the roof.

"I tried to get out the door that way and realized there was no way that was going to happen because the building had collapsed," he said.

Fortunately, neither Adams nor anyone in the Ross family was injured.

"Everybody is OK, and things can be replaced," Ross said. "We haven’t even thought about rebuilding yet. We’re not even there yet."

What is left standing of the studio will be torn down. The family said they have home owner's insurance.

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