Why over-hydrating can be bad

    Why over-hydrating can be bad (CNN)

    It's a normal debate:

    • How much water should we be drinking everyday?
    • Eight glasses?
    • A gallon?
    • Are you drinking enough water?
    • Are you staying hydrated?

    These are common questions, but what about these:

    • Are you drinking too much water?
    • Are you over-hydrated?

    These are questions you probably aren't used to but can be just as important. While it's not as common, over-hydration can be an actual problem.

    And in rare cases, a deadly one.

    It's known as hyponatremia. Hyponatremia occurs when your blood salt levels are diluted below the normal range, from drinking too much water or sports drinks. This drop causes the body, and in some cases, even the brain, to swell. This can be especially concerning for student athletes and those participating in endurance sports.

    The symptoms are similar to dehydration, but increasing fluids in this case is a big mistake. Experts say the best rule of thumb is to simply listen to your body.

    Drink when you're thirsty and simply stop, when you aren't.

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