A season to remember for Jenks Football

Jenks head football coach Allan Trimble addresses his team following the Trojans' 21-0 loss to Owasso in the 6A Division-I state semifinal game Saturday at H.A. Chapman Stadium. (KTUL)

Jenks football was on the losing side of Saturday night's 6A Division-I state semifinal. But with a head coach who has been tackling much bigger problems, the night was ultimately a sobering reminder of what's really important.

As the minutes drained away in the fourth quarter, the sinking feeling was setting in for the Trojans: Their season was going to end. And naturally, the question that has been put off for the last several months had to be asked: Was this the last season for head coach Allan Trimble?

"We'll see," said Trimble as he choked back tears. "But Jenks; they deserve someone who can really go."

Unlike most potential coaching moves to make headlines, this had nothing to do with poor job performance or moving on to greener pastures. Trimble was sure to remind his team afterward that not winning doesn't make someone a loser.

"Winning and losing isn't going to define you as people," Trimble told his misty-eyed players as they listened to the only Jenks head football coach they've ever known. "You hear me?"

"Yes, sir," the players replied.

It's been more than a year since Trimble announced his ongoing battle with ALS (Also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.)

But it's not the diagnosis or circumstances that made this night so memorable. It's dignity, class, and heart displayed by the ailing head coach that resonated with everyone on the field; on both sidelines.

Owasso defensive coordinator and Jenks graduate Bobby Klinck came over following the game to embrace the same man who coached him in high school. Trimble congratulated Klinck for the win and wished them luck in the championship.

Owasso head coach Bill Blankenship has a long history with Trimble as well. "The deal is: It's a game, you know," said Blankenship. "I think it just brings back reality. What a fun game, what a glorious game, but it's a frickin' game, you know? What [Trimble] deals with isn't a game."

When asked what Trimble would remember most from this season, "Just the courage that my staff and kids had," Trimble replied.

"[It was an] unbelievable year. If people only knew."

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