Boone brothers taking their twin talents to Stillwater


If you have a sibling, you know there's going to be some arguing.

"When we got company over, you don't come in my room?"

"Don't they usually come in my room?"

"They come in my room sometimes."

"They come in my room because my rooms bigger."

"Bro, we're not about to do this."

Meet the Boone brothers, Kalib and Keylan, who just announced Monday they'd both be heading to Stillwater to play college ball at Oklahoma State, a plan that's been in the works for years.

"we've always wanted to go to the same school together,” Keylan says. “It's always been our plan, and our dream actually. It's just the brotherly love and the twin connection we have when it's together. So of course, this package deal is a great situation."

The Boone boys helped lead the chargers to a state title this season. And it was their brotherly competitiveness that helped fuel that run.

"He might beat me in points one game.,” Kalib adds. “Well, I still got you beat on rebounds, I got you beat on blocks. You got me beat on steals, but it's that point aspect right there, him and I know how to just be like okay, this is your game, but next game watch out, because I'm going to take over."

Here's the real question. Are these brothers going to room together when they get to Stillwater?

"Probably not,” both brothers say. “Yeah probably not. I mean, yeah it wouldn't be surprising if we ended up doing it, living together. But we're going to be annoyed with each other if we do.”

It's all brotherly love though for the Boones.

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