Broken Arrow's Kohl Franklin and his Family Reflect on MLB Draft


When Broken Arrow’s Kohl Franklin found out he had been drafted, he wasn’t even watching.

"We were down by the pool, really not watching it intently," Franklin says.

But it didn't take long for him to realize what was going on.

"I started getting all these notifications on my phone, but I knew the Cubs were a pick away,” Franklin says. “So my mom was like, no don't look at anything, don't look at anything! And I was like alright."

And when he finally did look.

"We saw my name pop up and get announced. It was like a dream come true. Like, right when it happened, it was like my heart just sank into my chest. And it was like, I've had a smile on my face for like two days. It doesn't feel real.”

But Kohl wasn't the only one on the emotional roller coaster of the draft. His family was along for the ride.

Carrie franklin, kohl's mom

"When I heard Franklin, I just, I started screaming, crying and hugging him,” Kohl’s mother Carries says. “I didn't hear anything else they said after that.”

"It was an outstanding feeling,” Kohl’s father and agent Jay says. “You know, to know that he's worked his rear end off, and he's put himself into a position to go follow his dream."

And the idea of watching big brother Kohl in the big leagues is pretty special for his younger brother.

"Usually we can just drive up five minutes to the high school stadium and watch him pitch,” Kaemyn says. “But now, going to the major leagues or minor leagues, it'll be a lot of fun."

Something Kaemyn and the rest of the Franklin family can enjoy together.

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