Ford Award 2017: Week 1 Nominee

Wagoner senior wide receiver/defensive back/kick returner Nikia Jones is our Ford Award nominee for week 1 of the 2017 high school football season. (KTUL)

"Nikia Jones, senior wide receiver, Wagoner High School."

He's been an impact player for the Bulldogs for some time. And Wagoner has 38 straight wins to show for it.

"He's made a lot of huge plays in big games," said Wagoner head football coach Dale Condict. "And that's usually what defines a great player is how do they play in the big game. He's continually found a way to help us win."

But last week's performance was especially good. Jones scored a touchdown on offense, defense, and special teams. It helped overcome a 14-point halftime deficit in a season-opening road win at Coweta.

"We're down two touchdowns, we received to kick off [the second half]" explained Jones. "[I] just had a good block; a good hole. And I ran it all the way back"

As for the defensive touchdown, it was an interception returned for the score. "Our linebacker Patrick Curley had a good rush," said Jones.

"Quarterback tried to scramble. [Curley] sacked him and I guess he threw a bad throw. I was just in the right spot at the right time."

Ironically, for being such a game-breaking wideout through his high school career, Nikia's offense touchdown wasn't even a reception.

"He made a long touchdown run from the wildcat position," said Condict. "Of course any night he's going to have a reception for a touchdown."

"[The wildcat formation] is new but it's pretty fun," Jones admitted. "I can play all kinds of positions. I like doing new stuff on offense; receiver, inside receiver, wildcat, running back. I can play it all. I like doing new things."

Congratulations to Wagoner senior wideout Nikia Jones for being our Week 1 Ford Award nominee.

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