Ford Award 2017: Week 10 Nominee

Finishing the regular season with 70 receptions (1st in state) and 1,216 yards receiving (1st in state and school record) makes Jenks senior wide receiver D.J. Wagoner our Ford Award Nominee for Week 10. (KTUL)

In a season where the perennial state contender Jenks Trojans got off to one of their worst starts in a generation, there was at one consistency: No. 11 D.J. Wagoner.

While D.J.'s 10 catches for 92 yards was below his season average in their regular season finale against Edmond Santa Fe, it put Wagoner at 70 receptions for 1,216 yards receiving. Both totals rank first in the state.

"I feel pretty good since I accomplished my goals," said Wagoner before Wednesday's practice. I wanted a few more yards but it was all good."

That season yardage total is also a new school record. Which is even more impressive. "We're really happy with the way he's held it together, worked hard, and now that he's getting his chance, he's tearing it up," said Jenks head coach Allan Trimble.

"[Wagoner has] great hands, he's made some tremendous catches this year, and has really sharpened his game."

What makes that receiving record impressive? Here's a short list of current NCAA Division-I football players who played wide receiver at Jenks in the last five years:

Jordan Smallwood, Oklahoma

Steven Parker, Oklahoma

Carson Epps, Iowa State

Dillon Stoner, Oklahoma State

Isaiah Epps, Kentucky

And like two of the players on this list, D.J. only became a starter in his senior season. "Well if you go back in history, Isaiah Epps was a one-year starter," Trimble recalled.

"Carson Epps was pretty much a one-year starter. So [D.J.] is the third one of those guys to have waited his turn. And he's really made the most of his opportunity in his senior year."

"It's really sweet that I beat their records and stuff," admitted Wagoner. "It's just so exciting to me and one of the goals I always wished to accomplish."

So congratulations to D.J. Wagoner of Jenks High School for being our Week 10 Ford Award nominee.

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