Ford Award 2017: Week 6 Nominee

Broken Arrow senior safety Damian Everette intercepted 3 passes in the first half of the Tigers' 41-7 road win at previously unbeaten Westmoore. (KTUL)

"My name's Damian Everette, I play for Broken Arrow, and I'm senior safety."

Statistically, Damian had the kind of performance last week that defensive backs can only dream about. Intercepting a pass is great. Two interceptions in the same game is an uncommon feat. Three is almost unheard of. And Damian did that in just the first half in Broken arrow's 41-7 road win over previously unbeaten Westmoore.

"Damian has great big hands, great spatial awareness, great body control," said Broken Arrow head football coach David Alexander. "His first [interception] was pretty easy; kind of threw it right to him."

"I saw the ball coming and I was like, did they really just throw that," laughed Everette.

"The second one prevented a touchdown," Alexander explained. "It was right down to the goal line. We got the ball at the two[yard line]. And then we put together a 98-yard drive."

"The last [interception]... I shouldn't have caught that one," admitted Everette. "He under threw it and I just went up and grabbed it."

You could say Damian Everette has a knack for this game of football considering he hasn't been playing very long. "He only came out last year around week 3; been a basketball-first guy," Alexander said.

"Around week 2 or 3 last year, Damian's been on this football field starting and making plays."

When Everette was asked if he had any aspirations of playing in college, "Yeah, I want to play in college," Everette replied.

"I haven't gotten any offers for football or basketball. I want to go play in college. Like if I get a scholarship, yeah I'm going to go do it."

Congratulations to Broken Arrow senior safety Damian Everette for being our Week 6 Ford Award nominee.

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