Ford Award 2017: Week 9 Nominee

Charles Page High School senior running back Payton Scott rushed for 505 yards on 45 carries along with 7 touchdowns in the Sandites' win over Bartlesville. (KTUL)

"Payton Scott, senior running back, Charles Page High School."

Forget the fact this tailback from Sand Springs has racked up a state-leading 2,238 yards rushing and 28 touchdowns. Last week, Payton's performance was the crown jewel of an incredible regular season in a win over Bartlesville.

"[We] went in for halftime, came back out, and they go, '278' [rushing yards]," Scott laughed. "And I was like, woah."

"End of the 3rd quarter, somebody from up top got word down to us that he had 478 yards [rushing]," recalled Sandites head coach Dustin Kinard. "And I was like man, we still had a whole quarter of football to go."

"Came off and I was like, 474 [yards] is pretty great within itself. And [Kinard] was like no, let's try to get 500."

Mission accomplished. Payton Scott finished the night with a school-record 505 yards rushing on 45 carries along with 7 touchdowns.

It put Scott over 5,400 career rushing yards.

"He's our workhorse; couldn't happen to a better kid," said Kinard. "He's awesome."

While the numbers are great, Payton admits what would really mean the most is finishing this senior season with a gold ball.

"I love winning," Scott admitted. "Winning at the end of the day is all that really matters to me. We complete this run with a state championship, it'd be amazing. It'd be a great season."

So congratulations to Payton Scott of Sand Springs for being our Week 9 Ford Award nominee.

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