Summer Workouts with the Bixby Spartans


We often talk about the importance of summer workouts for football teams, but rarely show you what goes on.

"We do so much in the summer,” Bixby head coach Loren Montgomery says. “We expect our guys to be ready to go when we start two-a-days in august."

I found that out 1st hand this morning at my alma mater. I worked out with the team. Ran full-field sprints for time. All in a day’s work for the Bixby Spartans.

"I mean, you see it in the early games,” senior linebacker Ryan Kerr says. “Other teams are cramping, they have to rotate out. We can keep our best players in all game long. I mean, we're for sure the most conditioned team out there."

I could see that. I got sprinted past during sprints. Struggled trying to keep up in the weight room. And it wasn't just the kids putting in work.

"I know some of our coaches jump in and workout with the guys,” Montgomery adds. “Which I think is important from a lead by example sort of thing."

And the example they're setting, is one that leads to championships.

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