Thunder introduce Raymond Felton & Patrick Patterson

OKC officially introduced two of its new signings on Tuesday: PG Raymond Felton and SF Paul George. (KTUL)

Thunder fan arrived up in droves to Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City on Tuesday, as they're accustomed to doing. This time, they weren't welcoming the Thunder back from a road game - they were welcoming Paul George to Oklahoma.

While PG is, without a doubt, the biggest acquisition OKC made this summer - he isn't the only one. "Raymond and Patrick Patterson are guys we've long admired in the NBA", Thunder GM Sam Presti remarked.

NBA veterans Raymond Felton and Patrick Patterson are also new to the Thunder.

"They exhibit the qualities of players we traditionally try to target and bring into the organization," Presti added.

As for why Felton and Patterson chose OKC over other options - the answers were pretty similar.

"You just want to put yourself in a situation where you're going to win," Felton said. "Put yourself in a situation where you have a chance to try and play for something special - and that's to win a ring."

"The opportunity to win," Patterson echoed. "The opportunity to compete for a championship and be with a team that's just as hungry as I am. To play alongside All-Stars and superstars."

He'll be playing beside two superstars - league MVP Russell Westbrook, and fellow new addition Paul George - who we'll hear from Wednesday evening in OKC.

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