Mike Gundy: A "Cowboy For Life"

OSU Head Coach Mike Gundy decides to stay at Oklahoma State after meeting with Tennessee Volunteers officials in Dallas on Tuesday. (KTUL)

What a day it was for Oklahoma State, its fans, its football program, and its head football coach.

It all started with a Tweet this morning, saying that Mike Gundy was a person of interest in the search for the Tennessee Volunteers next head coach. From there, the entire situation took on a life of its own - Tweets and hastags were trending all over Twitter.

Gundy had an 11 AM meeting with John Currie, the Volunteers Athletic Director, down in Dallas - where Gundy had been recruiting future Cowboys. That meeting reportedly lasted for "a few hours" - but that's all the info we could get from the rendezvous south of the Red River.

Then, Twitter became abuzz when someone took a screen-shot of a private plane bound for Stillwater from Knoxville, TN - which happens to be the home turf of the Volunteers. Alas, everyone was tracking the wrong plane - N111UT - which used to belong to the University of Tennessee but was bought by a gentleman living in Utah back in 2008. Apparently, he picked a bad day to take his plane from Tennessee to Oklahoma.

Bret McMurphy, like most of us, thought this saga would last at least into Wednesday:

Then, at 8:24 PM, Christmas came early for 'Pokes fans everywhere:

That was followed by the Tweet of all Tweets from Coach Gundy himself:

Those three words, "Cowboy For Life", put a bow on a day Cowboys fans won't forget for a long, long time.

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