Blog: Baker Mayfield...No. 1 overall draft pick?

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For months - if not longer - I've viewed Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield as a late-second round, early-third round draft pick. Someone I'd want on my team because of his leadership, his moxy, and the fact that he is a winner - plain and simple.

All this time, I might have been undervaluing the Heisman Trophy front-runner.

Below are where some of the NFL Draft "experts" see Mayfield being drafted:

The Sporting News: 27th overall
Bleacher Report: 28th overall
CBS Sports: 6th overall
Pro Football Focus: 1st overall

You read that right - Pro Football Focus, one of the more respected NFL sites around, has Mayfield going to the Cleveland Browns as the No. 1 overall draft pick.

Their reasoning:

"Cleveland drafts the nation’s top quarterback in Mayfield, who continues to impress no matter which way his game is dissected. He has the top PFF grade for the second year in a row at 95.8, as he uses his natural playmaking ability to attack all levels of the field with accuracy. There are still some questions coming out of a favorable Oklahoma system, but Mayfield has shown that he can succeed in every situation and he may just be the guy to turn the Browns around in the future."

At first glance, you might think that would be a slight reach for the Browns - as I did. But then I took a look at the numbers of the last three QB's taken No. 1 overall. What I saw has changed my mind:

2016 - Jared Goff
College stats: 977 of 1568 (62.3%), 12,195 yds, 96 td, 30 int, 144 QB rating

2015 - Jameis Winston
College stats: 562 of 851 (66%), 7,964 yds, 65 td, 28 int, 163.3 QB rating

2012 - Andrew Luck
College stats: 713 of 1064 (67%), 9,430 yds, 82 td, 22 int, 162.8 QB rating

Baker Mayfield
College stats (at OU): 718 of 1025 (70%), 10,829 yds, 104 td, 20 int, 188.9 QB rating

He will end his Sooners career with more passing yards than any of the previous three QB's taken No. 1 overall, he already has more passing TD's, less interceptions, and a higher QB rating.

The one knock on Mayfield? He's listed at 6'1, 220 lbs. That's a little on the short side for an NFL QB, but take a look at two current NFL studs: Drew Brees (6'0, 209 lbs) and Russell Wilson (5'11, 215 lbs).

A relatively "short" quarterback can be successful in the NFL - and at this point, who would bet against Baker Mayfield?

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