Blog: Hurry up & get here, football season


I realized tonight that the start of NFL Training Camps is the equivalent of letting kids open a present or two on Christmas Eve - it's just one big tease... and I'm 100% ok with that.

We're almost through the part of the summer where, unless you're a die-hard baseball fan, there's almost nothing worth watching on a night-in, night-out basis. This summer we had the CONCACAF Gold Cup... golf just had its Open Championship... & Wimbledon wrapped up a couple weeks ago. That's pretty much it.

Now, along comes the NFL to save the day - never have I been more excited to see guys in shorts and jerseys running around a field half-speed. College football isn't far behind, either - players report at the University of Tulsa on Wednesday, with practice beginning on July 31st.

Speaking of college football: I feel we learn more during their fall camp than we do training camp in the NFL. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like the NFL already has its stars - it's somewhat rare that, say, a QB race is decided during training camp. That's not the case in the NCAA, though.

Just here in Oklahoma, we have a QB race to decide (Chad President or Luke Skipper at Tulsa), a RB race to decide (will Rodney Anderson or Abdul Adams get the majority of carries at OU?), & WR depth to decide (who will emerge behind Justin Hobbs and Keenan Johnson as a reliable pass-catcher at TU?).

Then there's the first year of the new Lincoln Riley Era in Norman - how will he handle the pressure of guiding one of the most prestigious programs in America? That we won't figure out in Fall Camp, but it's still a burning question in the minds of Sooner fans.

Notice I didn't list any big races that are being decided in Stillwater - sure, there are some on the defensive side of the ball - but by and large, they return the majority of their playmakers... which brings with it a different question for the 'Pokes: how will they handle the pressure of high national expectations?

I could go on all night - but, NFL Network is live in Oxnard, CA for Cowboys Training Camp - excuse me while I watch Dak Prescott throw (with no pressure) to Dez Bryant (running at half-speed).

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