Tulsa Threat Women's Football Team


"It's definitely not lingerie football for sure."

We have women's tackle football in T-town. The Tulsa Threat are the only team of its kind in Green Country. Made up of women who have tried playing since elementary school.

"I always wanted to play football,” Chelsea Lunn says. “Always, always, always. And my mom was like no you're not doing it, you're not doing it. Boys will hurt you."

"Being told your whole life you can't play. You're not supposed to be playing football,” Rebecca Buirrea adds. “Then you come out and play football with a bunch of women, it's just absolutely amazing."

The Threat are made up of women from all walks of life.

"We've got TU softball players,” head coach Shanon Mayfield says. “We've got an OSU javelin thrower. We've got basketball players from division one, division two and division three."

And just because they're girls...doesn't make the game soft.

"This is real football,” Mayfield says. “They're women, and if you ever came out and watched, you wouldn't think differently."

"We still are hitting just as hard,” Lunn says. “We may not hit as hard as a man, but we're still hitting each other as hard as we can."

Just like any other team sport...the relationships formed last a lifetime.

"People have certain things and therapies they do,” Buirrea says. “But football is absolutely that. Being around the game and the women is just, this organization is something special."

"I never felt more comfortable being myself than I am with them,” Quishawn Simmons says. “And just knowing they have my back no matter what.”

The team has a message for young girls out there looking to get into the sport.

"Don't let anyone tell you you can or can't do anything,” Simmons says. “If that's your desire, go for it. Don't let anyone stop you."

"If a girl wants to play football, let her,” Lunn adds. “And if she fails at it, at least she was able to try. Don't put them down, and at least give them a chance. And maybe come check us out if you think it's a joke."

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