Blog: OU's Riley handles the ESPN "Car Wash" like a veteran coach

New University of Oklahoma head football coach Lincoln Riley makes an appearance on ESPN's "Mike & Mike" on Thursday, July 20, 2017. (Image courtesy of ESPN)

Lincoln Riley is in his second month as a college football head coach. As far as preparation for his day in Bristol, Connecticut is concerned, Riley handled the barrage of ESPN network programming like a seasoned professional.

What has unofficially become known as the ESPN "car wash," college head football coaches will make the rounds over the course of the day by making appearances on any number of ESPN's live programs. What was noticeable (and to the credit of the network talent) was how Riley answered a variety of questions; a majority were not the same from show to show.

Were many questions ones Riley anticipated? Of course; even the tough ones regarding Baker Mayfield's arrest and Joe Mixon's physical assault. Riley was prepared for seemingly EVERYTHING thrown at him. And we all know how much of this game is about preparation. So if Lincoln Riley can handle non-football activities with the same level of diligence, Sooner fans have every reason to be encouraged about the season ahead.

Heck, Riley didn't even have the verbal pauses that notoriously plagued Bob Stoops in every public gathering. (They're really not a big deal. We just always have fun with those when doing our best Bob impersonations in the KTUL sports office.)

Tomorrow, it's Mike Gundy and his mullet that will be showcased in Bristol.

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