Golden Hurricane are "angry" as they prepare for New Mexico

Tulsa head football coach Philip Montgomery watches from the sidelines as his Golden Hurricane defeated East Carolina on Nov. 5 (KTUL)

"I think they're angry. They're hurt. They're ready to get back out there and prove what type of team we can really be."

That next chance to get back out there on the field is four days away when TU hosts New Mexico.

Despite their current 1-2 record, there's evidence that this Golden Hurricane team is right on the cusp of figuring it out. The running back is back to where it was last season, the offensive line is doing their thing, and QB Chad President continues to evolve as a leader.

"I think we're really close. I mean, as a team I think we're really close to being able to step across that threshold," TU Head Coach Philip Montgomery said. "We limit some of those big plays, we do a better job of playing on the early downs and getting off the field on third down. We're really close in a lot of those segments."

"A few losses doesn't define this team," echoes senior offensive tackle, Willie Wright. "We're going to stick together and ground it out every day. I trust Coach Monty and the rest of the coaching staff to prepare us for each opponent week to week. It's about coming out with that mentality of that grind, that blue-collar mentality that we built this program off of."

"It's not one phase or one thing here or there," Coach Montgomery added. "When we step on the field, it's all of us. We all have a responsibility to make those things happen."

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