TU Football back on the field for Spring practice

Tulsa football begins spring practice (KTUL)

"A lot of excitement. Nervous anticipation. Anxiously optimistic. What other phrases can I throw in there?"

That pretty much covers it all, coach. Today Monty's Golden Hurricane took the field for the first of 15 spring practices.

"I'm kinda ready to see what they're going to do when we get on the field, and the bullets start flying and the pressure is on them to make plays."

Four of the main playmakers from last season are gone in QB Dane Evans, WR's Keevan Lucas and Josh Atkinson, and RB James Flanders.

"Last year's team was great - they did an outstanding job - very proud of them, they'll always be a part of our family. But that phase of our program is done," Coach Philip Montgomery said. "Now it's the opening and beginning stages of what next year's team is going to be. We've got several months here to try and figure out what that's going to be - who are leaders are going to be, who are playmakers are going to be, guys taking the snaps, guys making those plays - so this is the exciting time. You first walk into the kitchen, get all the ingredients out, and see what you can make."

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