Tulsa Football Players Visit Children's Hospital


Sports isn't always about wins and losses.

Sometimes sports make an impact beyond the scoreboard.

And the Tulsa football team found that out today. Visiting with kids at the Children's Hospital at St. Francis.

"It's kind of a life-changing type of event,” head coach Phil Montgomery says. “Because you're seeing kids go through a lot of struggles as you step into their room. But, you see how they're handling it. You know, those smiles, and the joy that they still have. And our guys walk out of here with a new perspective on life."

Perspective. That was the word of the day for the Hurricane.

"We get caught up in our own busy worlds,” Montgomery continues, “and the things that are going on, and the pressures of this and that. And you get to come here, and you get to visit with kids, and really understand what really is important. If we can bring a little joy to their life, and the things that they're struggling and tribulations that they're going through, that's what makes it special for us.

The purpose of the day was to make an impact in the kids’ lives. But when it's all said and done...the biggest impact was made on the guys in the jerseys.

"It makes you think back on the things that you complain about, and like, this doesn't compare what these kids are going through,” sophomore running back Corey Taylor says. “And the mentality that they're approaching what they're going through with, and just being able to walk into their room, and see their spirit despite what they're going through. It's definitely encouraging for us."

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