Christmas storm brewing

Warm Christmas

The latest data continues to support an active pattern developing by the Christmas weekend. Model data continues to flip flop back and forth with the track, timing and strength of the storm system.

The images that are attached show different outcomes for the Christmas forecast. The European model is indicating that temps will be very warm ahead of a strong cold front. This would keep any snow potential way to our north.

However, the second image is snowfall accumulation potential for Christmas. This is from the American model called the GFS. The GFS has been rather consistent in bringing snow to our area for Sunday. Even the EURO was indicating the snow potential yesterday, but has since taken the storm system way to the north and has kept temperatures very warm for our area.

All this variability seven days out makes the ability to forecast with any accuracy very difficult. The data will more than likely come in line over the next couple of days which should shed some more light on what should transpire Sunday.

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