Cooler days are coming!

The hottest time of summer is over! We will begin to cool rapidly as we approach fall!

After a long, HOT summer our temperatures are finally cooling down!

We were a few degrees warmer than normal for July, and we expect July to be hot. Our normal high temperature was 94 degrees for the last 31 days, which is the hottest normal high here in Tulsa all year. Finally, Saturday, Aug. 18 our normal high temperature is 93 degrees. This may seem like a small change, but it's just the tip of the iceberg.

As the Northern Hemisphere tilts farther from the sun we will continue to see our normal high temperatures plummet. By the end of August our average temperature is 90 degrees and by the end of September our average high is 78 degrees.

Now it is possible to see temperature anomalies (like when we hit 106 degrees July 20), but on average we are finally cooling down.

This may be tempting you to break out the pumpkin spice but hold off. The official start to fall is Sept. 22 where our normal high temperature is 81 degrees.

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