Dan's summer outlook

Dan's summer outlook

In 2017, we had a warm April followed by a warmer than average July. The year before, the same thing happened. So, will this cool April be followed by cool summer?

Steve Piltz with the Tulsa National Weather Service says, "If you look at just the cool April and how that might reflect to a July. Seven of the ten Julys following a cool April were below normal."

So, there you have it. Statistics show it will be a cool July; however, Steve says not so fast.

"But also some of the Junes were some of the hottest we've seen. So, the signal could be mixed," Steve said.

The signal from the Climate Prediction Center is also a bit mixed. It shows southwest Oklahoma has the chance for a warmer than average summer. For us, equal chances.

The Outlook already shows a dry western Oklahoma with the possibility for less than average rainfall, which would mean more wildfires this summer.

For us, equal chances for dry or wet conditions.

Bottom line: Expect a warm summernot as hot as we've seen in the previous year. I still expect some 100 degree days but more below normal than what we usually experience.

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