Inside the Storm: Giant lava eruption video at Kilauea shot from the top of a tree

Insane footage of huge lava eruption at Kilauea shot from top of tree in Kapoho, Hawaii shot in 4k. (Video credit: Demian Barrios / LSM)

Video of giant lava eruptions at Kilauea shot from the top of a tree in Kapoho, Hawaii.

Kilauea is still erupting violently and forcing many to evacuate their homes. It ranks as the longest and most voluminous known outpouring of volcanic lava in more than 500 years, according to USGS.

Over the last few days, officials had to instruct more to evacuate as a white plume of acid and fine shards of glass billowed into the sky as lava poured into the ocean.

For a volcano that's been quietly gurgling since 1983, it's definitely making up for those decades of easy-going activity with its newfound force.

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