Prepare for extreme heat this week

Although a heat advisory is less extreme than an excessive heat warning, both can be deadly so it's important to take them seriously.

We have seen the heat and humidity all of summer and conditions are only expected to worsen. Temperatures are forecasted to reach 105 this Friday. For a little bit of perspective, most hot tubs have a maximum temperature of 104 - this means the hot tub will be cooler than the air temperature! Yet it gets worse, when you factor in the humidity and it will feel closer to 111.

There have been many heat advisories, but with such extreme temperatures, it is likely we will see an excessive heat warning issued by the end of the week. A heat advisory means the heat index (how hot it FEELS) is 105 or greater. An excessive heat warning is more intense than a heat advisory, it requires either a temperature of 105 or greater, or a heat index of 110 or higher.

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Although an excessive heat warning is more serious than a heat advisory both should be taken very seriously. It is important to take precautions from the heat, and limit outdoor activity. It is recommended to “prehydrate” which means drinking water before you are exposed to the heat. To avoid overheating, loose fitting, light colored clothing are also suggested.

Many heat related illnesses have similar symptoms but they should be treated very different. Heat strokes can result in a coma or death, so it is imperative to know the symptoms. If somebody is experiencing a heat stroke, you need to take them inside and call 911 immediately. For heat exhaustion, it is best to bring the person inside and cool them down while giving them fluids.

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