Triple digits reached

First 100 in Tulsa (KTUL)

In the books it goes! The first triple digit high of the year was reached Thursday, July 19th at 2:22 PM. Tulsa officially climbed to 102.

This year’s 1st 100 or higher temperature arrived one day before our first triple digit high of 2017.

Even more intense heat is forecast for Friday as the high could climb to the highest we’ve seen in nearly 6 years!

The hottest temperature Tulsa has ever recorded since 1931, when records started being kept, is 115. That scotching number was reached August 10, 1936, a year that would go down in the history books as one of the hottest on record. That year saw an incredible 65 days with a high of 100or hotter, 11 of those days reached 110 or hotter. But, believe it or not, that year was not the hottest year ever recorded. Nope, that honor goes to 2012 as it is the holder of the hottest year Tulsa has ever experienced.

On average Tulsa sees about 9 days at or above 100. But, there have been several years a 100-degree temperature was never reached. There have been ten, in fact, with the most recent occurring in 2004.

July is typically when a high of 100 or hotter is first reached in a given year. It has come as early as April and as late as September.

The earliest 100 high ever recorded in Tulsa came in April, yes APRIL, 1972.

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